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How to restore your masonry

Wow, have you ever seen a masonry project left to deteriorate? The sight can be pretty daunting! You wanted to restore it but doesn’t know how! Don't worry – with suitable materials and some elbow grease, you can restore your masonry project to its original, beautiful state. How? follow along as we walk through the steps of restoring your Masonry!

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Residential masonry construction in the greater toronto area

Are you dreaming of adding a beautiful masonry feature to your home in the Greater Toronto Area? Look no further – this blog will provide you with everything you need to know about residential masonry construction and how it can add character and charm to any space!

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Understanding masonry construction costs

Typically a contractor has five elements to consider when biding a job. He needs to consider: employee cost, company overhead and operational cost, direct expenses, equipment and disposal cost; and company profit. Let’s have a walkthrough so as to understand how the experts end up with the figures in their quotes.

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Understanding patio hardscapes

A paver patio can aesthetically transform any yard to the perfect little oasis to relax and entertain other than adding substantial value to your home.

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