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Understanding Patio Hardscapes

What are my options and how are they built ?

A paver patio can aesthetically transform any yard to the perfect little oasis to relax and entertain other than adding substantial value to your home. Their durability can stand the test of time if built correctly, so before you hire a contractor you should have a basic understanding of how they are constructed. This blog was written to provide a little insight as to what to look for before you get started.

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Understanding masonry construction costs

Have you ever gotten a quote from a professional construction company ?

Being shocked to see its 5x more than you expected !!

You might be thinking this is ridiculous looking at the figure and telling yourself, how much money does this guy think he should make in a day!?

Lets look more in depth of these cost.

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EFFLORESCENCE: Who’s the culprit?

More than a decade of masonry works unselfishly provided our company time to research through first-hand experience about efflorescent culprit.

Few times, in the younger years of our company works, some client reached out to us after a month or so pointing their fingers on us because a fine, white, powdery deposit appeared in their walls (stones or bricks). That salt like deposit is efflorescence.
According to the Masonry Institute of America (nd), Efflorescence is the stubborn problem that has caused confusion and trouble for masonry since the first time it appeared thousands of years ago on ancient masonry walls. Efflorescence is normally the white, powdery scum that can appear on masonry walls after construction but can also be brown, green or yellow, depending on the type of salts. Nobody likes it, nobody wants it on their walls, but occasionally this persistent problem appears.